Ácrus - HTM Eletrônica

Anvisa: 80212480029

Epilation laser with Triple Wave applicator
(Alexandrite - 755 nm, Diode - 808 nm, ND-Yag - 1064 nm)

Descrição Ácrus

Advanced Triple Wave LASER technology for epilation of all skin phototypes

The ÁCRUS equipment uses laser technology for epilation with a Triple Wave applicator. The applicator included with the equipment allows simultaneous emission of lasers; Alexandrite (755 nm), Diode (808 nm), and ND-Yag (1064 nm) being suitable for all skin phototypes, including tanned ones. Also adapting to wavelengths for all hair thicknesses and densities. With a 12-mm² spot, providing greater treatment effectiveness and speed, the applicator has smart cooling – Cryocooling MAXX up to -10 degrees – which ensures more comfort and safety to the patient. Cutting-edge 10.4’ touch screen display with all the interactivity of the Pro-Performance system. ÁCRUS allows the operator to provide treatment in three different ways, namely: scanning, sequential, and spot mode, thus ensuring protocol flexibility and application speed. Equipped with all the features of the HTM Match application, ÁCRUS is an interactive device, with close and customized communication with the factory. With a unique i-Check equipment integrity system, it is ready to be used safely and efficiently.

Visualização 360°

Acessórios Inclusos

01 power cable
02 master-control switches
01 foot pedal
01 funnel kit
01 banner
01 neutral gel
01 pair of patient goggles
01 Triple Wave applicator
01 white demarcation pen
01 pair of operator goggles
01 PVC film roll
01 towel
01 take-one kit
01 applicator support
05 demarcation guides (25, 75, 150, 300 and 300 cm2 longitudinally)
01 case