Dermo Crystal - Crystal Peeling Device - HTM Tecnologia de Resultado

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• 3 in 1 Equipment: vaccumtherapy, crystal and diamond peeling
• Performs vigorous mechanical massage
• Enables microdermabrasion by blasting of aluminum oxide or diamond peeling
• Assists in the improvement of the body outline
• It is indicated in the liposuction pre and postoperative
• Slacken retractable and adherent scars

Description Dermo Crystal

Dermo Crystal Crystal Peeling device


The Dermo Crystal Crystal peeling device that, through their microcontrollers, incorporates the latest technology for the generation and control of vaccumtherapy and microdermabrasion, providing greater accuracy and maintenance of the pre-established treatment parameters.
The Dermo Crystal, with its unique design, offers maximum pressure of 550 mmHg, various options of body and facial suction cups, in addition to enabling the performing of the Crystal and Diamond peeling techniques.
The equipment also allows the adjustment of the flow of crystals, offering greater control and efficiency for therapy.

Visualização 360°

Accessories Included

  • 01 DVD with the Instruction Manual of the equipment
  • 01 power Cord
  • 01 vacuum coupler adapter
  • 01 cable extender
  • 01 hose for connection and application of the Vacuum mode
  • 01 applicator with silicone case and ring for fitting of filter
  • 01 body suction cup type roller (large)
  • 01 Facial lunette 12mm suction cup
  • 01 Facial duck beak suction cup
  • 01 body boron bell suction cup
  • 01 pot of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) #100 Slim 150 µm
  • 01 applicator to Crystal Peeling
  • 01 reservoir for aluminum oxide (Al2O3) #100 Slim 150 µm
  • 01 reservoir for deposition of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) used (discard)
  • 01 funnel for filling AL2O3
  • 01 sieve
  • 01 metal rack
  • 02 crystal tips
  • 01 tip 0,9mm and 01 tip 1,5mm
  • 01 support for applicator pen
  • 02 wing nuts for mounting the chassis in the metallic rack
  • 08 screws M3.5 x 12mm for mounting the applicator and the reservoirs in the metal rack
  • 01 Philips screwdriver to assemble the reservoirs and support


• 01 suction cup – body roller type (small)
• 01 facial bird suction cup
• Kit for diamond peeling with 3 tips
• Kit for diamond peeling with 5 tips
• 01 facial lunette 18mm suction cup
• 01 facial straight little bird suction cup
• Support for rest



Treatments for the Vaccumtherapy

Applicability in facial treatments


The problem is twofold with alteration of the cutaneous trophicity and reduction of the rate of hydration of the horny layer of the epidermis.

1) Continuous Depressomassage produces an exfoliating effect (the horny layer needs to be free of squamous cells to perform better their role of regulating and hydration).

2) pulsed Depressomassage restores the cutaneous microcirculation, stimulates the activity of the fibroblasts and improves the flexibility of the skin.

3) Lymphatic Depresso-drainage stimulates the vascular traces, draining the metabolic exudates (improving the skin color), in addition to performing a “smoothing” on the skin.
Note: Perform after the asepsis of the skin.

Aging skin: Wrinkles

Results from the combination of four different causes: dehydration of the epidermis’ horny layer, reducing the activity of the fibroblasts, progressive atrophy of the small muscles and subcutaneous tissue changes linked to the restriction of vascular cutaneous microcirculation.

1) Continuous Depressomassage, performing a mild exfoliation across the face, neck and cleavage (the horny layer needs to be free of squamous cells to play better their role of regulating and hydration).

2) pulsed Depressomassage, movements of cutaneous stimulation, such as Jacket clamping, restores the cutaneous microcirculation, stimulates the activity of the fibroblasts and improves the flexibility of the skin.

3) Lymphatic Depressomassage stimulates the vascular traces, draining the metabolic exudates and performs a “smoothing” of the skin. Note: Apply after cleansing the skin and before the applications of rejuvenating treatments or fillings techniques.

Applicability in body treatments

Gynoid lipodystrophy:

1) Palpate and scroll to detect lipodystrophy zones.

2) pulsed Depressomassage decongests lipodystrophy zones.

3) Continuous Depressomassage causes hyperemia, in order to obtain a lipolytic effect on lipodystrophy.

4) pulsed Depressomassage is the maneuver of opening of the ganglion regions.

5) lymphatic Depressomassage is the act of attracting the lymph in the direction of lymphatic collectors.

6) Pulsed Depressomassage is the closing maneuver of the ganglion regions

Stretch Marks:

Occur by rupture of the fibers that give elasticity to the skin, with variable length and width. The goal of treatment is the improvement of trophicity of the atrophic scar and stimulation of fibroblasts, resulting in the rebuilding of collagen and elastic fibers.

1) pulsed Depressomassage around the region with stretch marks.

2) Continuous Depressomassage on the stretch marks improves the scar trophicity by stimulation of fibroblasts, which originate the rebuilding of collagen and elastic fibers.

Keloid and hypertrophic scars

Keloid and hypertrophic scars appear after damage to physical, chemical or biological or, occasionally, unknown factor.

The growth of keloid takes months or years and may extend beyond the damaged area. The lesions may be accompanied by itching and/or local pain, especially in younger keloids.


Aims to strengthen the blood and lymph vessels in the region to be operated, unclogging possible jams. The ideal is to perform at least five sessions before the surgery.
1) pulsed Depressomassage: apply on the tensioned regions.
2) pulsed Depressomassage: on the regions of the lymph nodes (opening maneuver).
4) lymphatic Depressomassage: in the direction of the lymphatic circulation.
5) pulsed Depressomassage: on the regions of the lymph nodes (closing maneuver).


Allows the edema to be treated by draining and decongesting the tissues, promoting a faster and better quality scarring, because by sectioning the tissue there is rupture of capillaries and lymphatic vessels that take from 7 to 15 days to restore their circulation.

The vaccumtherapy, because it is painless and noninvasive, it can prevent the fibrosis and accelerate the scarring process, activating the microcirculation and reducing edemas, favoring the return to normal tissue status.

The treatment can be performed from two to three times per week.

1) pulsed Depressomassage: Ganglionic stimulation (maneuver of opening and closing).

2) lymphatic Depresso-drainage: edemas and bruises.

Mammoplasty: 5 postoperative days.

Abdominoplasty: 7 postoperative days.

Purpose: relief of discomfort and improvement of scarring; prevents the formation of fibrosis and tones tissues.

Face lifting and blepharoplasty: 5 postoperative days.

Purpose: relief of discomfort, the sensation of stretching, improves the quality of scarring and tones the tissue.

Postoperative liposuction

Among the complications that may occur in this technique, the most common are irregularities of the body contour and extended edemas, with the occurrence of bruises.

The irregularities of the body contour are areas of depression in body surface area resulting from the excavations of adipose tissue, which is not totally sucked.

The bruises are from rupture of the blood vessels and the edema resulting is persistent by the length of the superficial lymphatic vessels.

The mechanical massage by negative pressure became part of resources involved in care with plastic surgery.

This technique provides reduction of edema, regression of the bruises, reduction of the algic state, correction of irregular areas of skin, obtaining a smaller degree of fibrosis and acceleration of the scarring process, thus reducing the period of convalescence.

The treatment is carried out in three successive times to lymphatic Depresso-drainage, with mild suction and pressure up to 60mmHg:

1) the large suction cup is placed on the lymph nodes regions for the performance of the opening maneuver, performing the pulsed Depressomassage, where the great pressure is exerted during a second.

2) The lymphatic Depresso-drainage is performed on the lymphatic paths in the direction of the classical action of reabsorption of lymph nodes, with a minimum pressure provided by the small roller suction cup

3) the large suction cup is again placed on the lymph nodes regions for the performance of the maneuver of closing, also promoting the pulsed Depressomassage during one second.

During the first 30 days of postoperative is performed only the lymphatic  Depresso-drainage.

From this period, if there is a subcutaneous formation of fibrosis, the continuous Depressomassage is performed with variable pressure, in accordance with the skin structure and sensitivity of the patient, on the specified areas, in addition to the conventional treatment, with the aim of standardization of tissue.

This maneuver is performed in two consecutive stages in accordance with the specification of the technique.

4) pulsed Depressomassage with frequency programmed in the device, with the aim of breaking the fibers deposited. It is performed in the direction of the periphery to the center of the region hardened.

5) Continuous Depressomassage aiming to reorganize the cutaneous tissue. It is performed in the direction of the lines of slot of the skin.

The treatment should be performed 24 hours after the liposuction (drain Edema, bruises and ecchymosis), from two to three times per week for approximately 20 sessions or until obtain satisfactory results.


Lesion of variable aspect. Have no creases, pores and hair. Results from the repair of destructive process of skin and associates atrophy, fibrosis and dyschromia.

Hypertrophic Scar: nodular scar, elevated vascular, with excessive fibrous proliferation. Has a tendency to regress.

Keloid formation: it is an elevated by fibrous proliferation in the skin, post-traumatic. Results, the times of minimal trauma, but commonly occurs after burns, surgical excision, injury, vaccine and acne.

There are individual predisposition to the appearance of Keloid and, eventually, familial tendency.

Clinical manifestations: In the beginning there are rosy soft lesions, which subsequently become whitish, stiff and inelastic.

There is no limit to the distinction between keloid and hypertrophic scar.

The keloid ostensibly exceeds the area of injury, while the keloid scar is limited to the affected area.

1) pulsed Depressomassage in boras scars, with maximum pressure for 10 seconds.
2) Continuous Depressomassage on all scarring paths, the pressure depends on the sensitivity of each patient to obtain a hyperemia.
3) pulsed Depressomassage in the ganglionic region near the scar, maximum pressure for 10 seconds.
4) Continuous Depressomassage, pressure between 30 and 60 mmHg in the direction of collectors, performing a lymphatic Depresso-drainage.

Treatments for microdermabrasion

Applicability of facial treatments

Revitalization of the skin with diamond Peeling:

1) Sanitize the skin with cosmetic product and let it dry.

2) determine the depth of the exfoliation of the diamond peeling, choosing the diamond tip and screwing it in pen.

3) Increase the intensity of the vacuum according to the sensitivity of the patient and the level of desired exfoliation.

4) Tension the skin with your free hand and perform the application across the face in three directions: vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

5) After finalized, apply moisturizing and soothing mask for 10 minutes

6) Remove the mask and apply tonic.

7) Apply photo protector according to the type of skin.

Treatment of oily skin with the use of the crystal peeling:

1) Sanitize the skin with cleaning emulsion.

2) tone the skin, use product not astringent.

3) Start the crystal peeling with dry skin and free of cosmetic products.

4) During the application use dry lint to remove the excess of crystals that remained in the skin.

5) After finalized, apply cool soothing lotion.

6) Use high-frequency device in a straightforward way.

7) Perform iontophoresis with galvanic current, applying cosmetics with active principles, which control the oiliness of the skin.

8) Apply soothing massage gel.

9) Apply soothing and moisturizing hydro plastic mask

10) After removal of the mask, finish the treatment with solar filter according to the type of skin.


Each session lasts approximately from 20 to 30 minutes;

The number of sessions varies, on average, from 4 to 10 with intervals of one to three weeks;

Results: already in the first session a feeling of softness on the skin remains, but the results are more visible from the third session. It is recommended that maintenance sessions are made bimonthly or quarterly.


Solar protection.

Makeup can be applied immediately.

Moisturizing hypoallergenic Cream or soothing gel several times a day.

After the treatment, always use sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 for at least four months after the treatment. Avoid smoking.

Frequent Questions

1. Does the equipment need to be connected with a line filter?

The equipment does not need to be connected with line filter, because it has an internal filter.

2. Who can operate the device?

The machine can only be operated by duly qualified and trained health professionals.

3. What is vaccumtherapy?

The vaccumtherapy, also known as dermotonia or endermology, basically consists in the use of continuous negative pressure applied through applicators called handles or suction cups that come in various models and sizes, intended for numerous therapeutic procedures, body and facial treatments.

4. How the filter cleaning of equipment should be done?

The filter is located in the posterior part of the equipment and should be cleaned frequently. To clean, remove it from the chamber by rotating the reservoir clockwise, wash with water and neutral detergent. Wait for it to dry and put it back in place, rotating counterclockwise and applying slight pressure to prevent the loss of vacuum.

5. Can the aluminum oxide of the crystal peeling be reused?

No, the aluminum oxide should be discarded after use.

6. Can the equipment be used with gel or oil?

Yes, but it is advisable to a minimum amount only to aid in sliding of suction cups. In addition, it is essential to the use of the filter in the applicator and its sanitizing soon after application.

7. Does the diamond peeling kit equipment already come with the Dermo Crystal?

No, the diamond peeling kit is an optional accessory and can be purchased separately.

8. How should I store the aluminum oxide ?

It should be stored in a dry and airy place, and avoid
any contact with humidity