Empower - HTM Eletrônica

Anvisa: 80212489007

EMPOWER is a High Intensity Electromagnetic Field technology device.

Descrição Empower

Technology in favor of the body and beauty
EMPOWER is a device that uses High Intensity Electromagnetic Field technology. This technology is intended for muscle strengthening and body definition, capable of performing muscle contractions at maximum intensity.
These maximum contractions create a high demand for energy supply to the muscles, activating the lipolytic cascade, consequently reducing fat deposits in the applied region.

EMPOWER has 4 ready-made treatment options divided into beginner and advanced that allow you to achieve different types of indications:  HIIT, Performance, Phases Mode for strength or definition and Cycles Mode for strength or endurance

Visualização 360°

Acessórios Inclusos

  • 02 Flat Applicators
  • 02 Anatomical Applicators
  • 01 G elastic band
  • 02 M elastic bands
  • 02 Master Control Key
  • 01 Power cable
  • 01 Fuse Kit
  • 04 Applicator supports
  • 01 Empower Towel
  • 01 Kit Take one
  • 01 Empower robe
  • 01 Banner


  • 01 Pelvic applicator for pelvic floor