Sonic Compact 1-3 MHz Aparelho de Ultrassom Portátil HTM

Record ANVISA 80212480001

• Two emission frequencies: 1.0 and 3.0 MHz
• Continuous emission and 30 options of pulsing
• Ergonomic and waterproof applicator
• Predefined treatment protocols
• 21W power
• Connection for combined therapy

Description Sonic Compact 1-3 MHz

Sonic Compact 1-3 MHz ultrasound device


The SONIC COMPACT 1-3 MHz is an ultrasound device, the most complete portable ultrasound of the market. It has two frequencies of emission: 1.0 and 3.0 MHz. With continuous emission and 30 options of pulsing on the multifrequency option, is indicated for the main therapeutic and esthetic affections. Also offers treatment protocols to assist the applications.

Visualização 360°

Accessories Included

• DVD Instruction manual
• Transducer
• Head Support
• Power Cord
• Cable for combined therapy



Cellulitis Protocol

1) Exfoliate the whole region to be worked with exfoliating gel and remove it.

2) Apply green clay mask throughout region and leave it for approximately 20 minutes, then remove it.

3) Perform lymphatic drainage.

4) Apply conductive gel with lipolytic active principles in the entire region of treatment.

5) Select the FEG protocol in the equipment, in accordance with the degree of cellulitis. Choose the options FEG I and II or FEG III.

6) Perform circular and slow movements with the applicator across the region of treatment.

7) Remove all the gel.

8) Apply cryotherapic gel in the region to be worked on and do not take bath until 3 hours after application.

Liposuction Postoperative protocol

1) Sanitize the region of treatment with cleansing gel

2) Spray restoring fluid with active ingredients such as aminoacids and trace elements.

3) Apply conductive gel with active principles throughout the region of treatment.

4) Select the protocol POST-LIPO in equipment.

5) Perform circular and slow movements with the applicator in regions submitted to liposuction.

6) Remove all the gel.

7) Finalize with Manual Lymphatic Drainage.