Pluria Aparelho de Carboxiterapia Fluxo de até 400ml/min

Record ANVISA 80212480020

• Progressive heating of gas as the application flows
• Flow of up to 400ml/min
• Administration mode of the gas that minimize discomfort: soft, medium and high modes
• Drainage of system and equipment

Description Pluria

Pluria Carboxytherapy device


Pluria® is a carboxytherapy device with fully digital control, through micro-controller that incorporates the most recent technologies for the generation and control of carboxytherapy, providing greater accuracy and maintenance of the parameters of pre-established treatments. With friendly and easy interface, that offers complete visualization of parameters applied.

Visualização 360°

Accessories Included

• 01 DVD with Manual of PLURIA equipment
• 01 Power Cord 3x1mm²
• 10 carbon conductor
• 10 Needles
• 01 Pedal
• 01 Hose for connection
• 01 Kit take one
• 01 fixed wrench 29mm
• 01 Banner
• 01 pressure regulator
• 01 Towel



Stretch marks


Parameters: Free Volume

Flow above 80 ml/min. (According to the supportability of the client)

Needle to 25º to make multiple punctures along the stretch marks

1 cycle: 10 sessions with intervals of 72 hours

2 cycle: Repeat first cycle after 30 days

3 cycle: Repeat the cycle 1 after 90 days



Volume per point of 80 – 150 ml

Flow above 80 ml/min. (According to the supportability of the client)

Needle to 25º, 45º and 90º in the center of retractions

1 cycle: 10 sessions with intervals of 72 hours

2 cycle: Repeat first cycle after 30 days

3 cycle: Repeat the cycle 1 after 90 days

Concentrated Fat



Volume per point of 80 – 150 ml

Flow until 80ml/min. (According to the supportability of the client) Needle to 45º and 90º

Each cycle: 10 sessions in 2 steps

Cycle 1 divided into 2 steps:

Step 1 – 4 sessions with intervals of 24 hours

Step 2 – 6 sessions with intervals of 72 hours

Cycle 2 – After 30 days repeat cycle 1

Round 3 – After 6 months repeat cycle 1

Frequent Questions

1. What is PLURIA?

Pluria is an equipment developed with the highest digital technology for the carboxytherapy.

With its unique programming, it provides precise control of heating of the carbonic gas (CO2) and associated with treatment programs, provides greater comfort during therapy.

Pluria is indicated for the treatment of facial rejuvenation, cellulitis, concentrated body and facial fat (submentonian), facial and body skin flaccidity, stretch marks, pre- and postoperative period of plastic surgeries, dark circles, among others.

2. How does the PLURIA works?

PLURIA, through its innovative technology, is designed to accurately control the temperature, flow and volume of gas during therapy, providing total meeting of all the needs of carbon dioxide (CO2) therapies, known as carboxytherapy.

It features a system that connects to a CO2 medicinal cylinder and through a small needle performs the subcutaneous infusion of gas,  stimulating physiological effects such as the improvement of circulation and tissue oxygenation.

In addition, Pluria has exclusive treatment programs, associated with the effective gas heating system, ensures greater comfort during application.

3. What are the actions of the Carboxytherapy?

On the moment of injecting the gas (CO2), the organism interprets the lack of oxygen (O2) increasing the concentration of tissue oxygen, and stimulating the cellular mechanism to promote the improving of the blood circulation. The entry of gas in the tissue causes a local inflammatory process, triggering biochemical reactions and resulting in rupture of the membranes of fat cells, it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, contributing to the improvement of the appearance of the skin.

4. What do I feel during the treatment?

This is a quick and simple treatment that can cause, at the moment of the gas infusion a mild feeling of local discomfort of short duration.

5. How long each session lasts?

The sessions have an average duration of 30 minutes and may vary according to the region and the treatment chosen.

6. How many sessions are necessary?

On average, the treatment is performed in 10 sessions with an interval of 72 hours between sessions. But for the effectiveness of treatment, we recommend that all sessions that the professional indicate to your case to be performed.

7. In how much time will I see the result?

The results are visible in hours or weeks, everything depends on the type of alteration that is being treated and their complexity. In addition, the patient’s cooperation on following the guidelines given by the professional is crucial.

8. Does the Pluria feature more indications? Which ones?

Pluria has a wide range of therapeutic possibilities, like the treatment of arteriopathy (vascular disease), in rheumatology (auto- immune arthritis , epicondylitis), the healing of varicose ulcers, psoriasis, alopecia, among others.