CriUSculpt - HTM Eletrônica

Anvisa: 80212489008

Main indications:
Reduction of localized adiposity
Improve skin tone, by helping to combat flaccidity or flabbiness (sagging)
Improve the appearance of cellulite

Descrição CriUSculpt

The most complete and versatile Cryolipolysis on the market

CriUSculpt is cryolipolysis equipment with multiple resources, containing fully digital control that, through a microcontroller, incorporates the latest technologies for generating and controlling positive and negative external temperatures for aesthetic purposes for the non-invasive reduction of adipose tissue, in addition to having been also developed to work with different combinations of applicators. It has 40 Khz low frequency ultrasound, indicated for the treatment of localized fat and cellulite.

CriUSculpt brings several benefits with more than one therapeutic modality, thus aiming at the amplified effect of one therapy over the other, which is more effective than each one separately or alone.

HTM’s CriUSculpt is the newest concept in cryolipolysis associated with Low Frequency Ultrasound. The new equipment offers leveraging of results with the use of unstable cavitation. Developed for use in area of facial, body and intimate body part aesthetics. As it is the only equipment that uses 6 simultaneous applicators, ensuring the treatment of a greater number of areas in a shorter session time. Possibility of working with the stationary application technique, static cryolipolysis and dynamic cryolipolysis, sliding technique using the plate and specific gel. Discover CriUSculpt 1 equipment, with 7 simultaneous modalities for body harmonization.

Visualização 360°

Acessórios inclusos

1 Measuring Tape
1 Adipometer
1 wash bottle
1 Dermographic Pen
1 Towel
1 Funnel Kit
6 Antifreeze Blankets
6 Elastic Straps
1 Cryotherapeutic Gel
1 Neutral Gel
1 Support table, with casters


S (small) Plate Applicator
L (large) Plate Applicator
Medium Suction Applicator
Large Suction Applicator
Medium Full Freeze Suction Applicator
Small Full Freeze Suction Applicator
Transport case