Stimulus Physio Maxx - Excitomotor current device

Record ANVISA 80212480017

• Currents: TENS, FES, HighForce, Russian, MediumForce, SoftForce, Interferencial 2000Hz and 4000Hz, Galvanic, Microgalvanic, MENS
• 4 independent output channels
• 51 pre-programmed protocols
• 12 therapeutic currents (polarized and biphasic)

Description Stimulus Physio Maxx

Stimulus Physio Maxx Excitomotor Current device

Stimulus Physio Maxx is an Excitomotor Current device for physical rehabilitation that has the resources:

TENS current

FES current

HighForce current

Russian current

MediumForce current

SoftForce current

Interference current 2000Hz

Interference current 4000 Hz

Galvanic current

Micro galvanic current

MENS current

Accessories Included

• 02 Banana pin application cable
• 02 Application cables with alligator clip (Galvanic)
• 08 Electrodes 5cm x 5cm
• 01 Conductor Gel Sachet
• 04 Aluminum electrodes with vegetal sponge 13cm x 10cm
• 04 Aluminum electrodes with vegetal sponge 7.5cm x 6.5cm
• 02 large elastic straps
• 02 Small elastic straps
• 01 Power Cord 2×0.75mm²


• 01 Facial Kit
• Electro lipolysis/electroacupuncture kit