Híbridi Combined Therapy Device + Ultrasound 3D - HTM

Anvisa Registration: 80212480023

• 3D ultrasound + therapeutic currents, indicated for body treatments.
• Revolutionary design
• Display Touch Screen with total control of the functions in an interactive menu
• Lightweight and practical applicator
• INMETRO certification of conformity and ANVISA certification.

Description Híbridi

Ultrasound and Therapeutic Currents

NOVO HÍBRIDI is a hybrid compact platform for simultaneous therapies with Ultrasound and Currents for body and facial use. It features 1MHz and 3MHz body ultrasound with an exclusive FloatingHead applicator and 63W of power, in addition to the possibility of including the first 5MHz facial applicator in Brazil. The equipment features more than 100 pre-programmed protocols, intelligent programming of the ultrasound application time and MENU INFO with usage and care tutorial, in addition to the exclusive HTM Smart ID and Pro System Performance. With 4 output channels for HighForce, Russian, MediumForce, SoftForce, Drainage, Lipolysis currents and 4 output channels for Iontoporation and MENS, it allows the application of single therapies, combined therapies and simultaneous therapies. The EXCLUSIVE DUO MODE designed to innovate the traditional model of combined therapy, bringing the best of both worlds simultaneously: body ULTRASSOUND, facial ULTRASSOUND and THERAPEUTIC CURRENTS in a REALLY INDEPENDENT way!

Visualização 360°

Accessories Included

• 01 Power cord
• 01 applicator support
• 01 gel tube
• 02 large elastic straps
• 02 small elastic straps
• 01 FloatingHead® applicator
• 02 Cables for Electrolipolysis
• 04 Cables for Two-phase Current
• 02 Cables for Polarized Current
• 01 Cable for Combined Therapy
• 01 Banner
• 01 towel
• 01 Take One Kit
• 01 adipometer
• 01 measuring tape
• 10 needles for electrolipolysis
• 08 1×3 cm electrodes
• 08 13X10cm sponge electrodes
• 08 7X5cm electrodes
• 4 applicator holder locks


• 02 Bat tips
• 02 Hammer Tips
• 02 electrostimulation pens
• Silicone Electrodes for Electrolipolysis
• 01 metallic rack
• 01 5MHz Applicator + Applicator Support