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HTM Eletrônica: result technology

We are an industry benchmark in production of electro electronic equipment aimed to the segment of esthetics and physiotherapy in Brazil. Our differentials are grounded in high technology, exclusive design and high efficiency of our products.

The HTM Eletrônica was founded in 1999 by partners Paulo Siqueira Lopes, William Piovezan and Fabiano Piovezan, and since then we have established a new concept for the segment. With headquarters in the city of Amparo (SP), we develop and market the main electro medical technologies for the whole country.

All equipment are designed and developed in our own plant, using 100% Brazilian technology, always in accordance with the real needs of the market.

We maintain strategic partnerships with companies, universities and research institutions of the country, to strengthen our brand and contribute to the solidity and pioneering in product launches.

The brand HTM is “top of mind” for consumers in terms of quality and has a lower rate of return for maintenance of the sector. To achieve this high standard of excellence, we carried out intensive research, business analysis and several consultations with professionals, always respecting the safety criteria required by regulatory bodies in the country.

Our modern industrial structure has 5 thousand m², built under the most rigorous standards of production and environmental responsibility. We are in constant expansion, always recognizing and valuing the ethical commitment and the well-being of our collaborators.

To innovate in technology and create high-quality equipment is our mission. In this trajectory of breakthrough, we are supporting and valuing our dealers, customers and partners with the commitment to offer the best and most effective products to the market, integrating scientific knowledge to convenience.

Today the HTM Eletrônica is leader in innovation, results and safety parameters, which, without doubt, will follow us in the future.




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Mission, Vision and Values


To develop, manufacture and commercialize technological equipment for physiotherapy, esthetics and cosmetic medicine with a high standard in design, technology and quality for the whole national territory and entry into international markets.



To be one of the largest Brazilian companies in the manufacturing of electro medical products, differentiating itself by the quality of the relations that establishes with its collaborators, suppliers and customers, as well as the quality of its equipment and the high technology used.



To have a conduct based on the highest standards of ethics;
To have a clear and accurate communication;
Our management must be made as a team, consistent and focused;
Our relationship with employees, suppliers, customers and society as a whole must be transparent and based on social responsibility, commitment and trust between the parties.




Safety and performance are the HTM priorities, and the development of products and processes meets the most rigid standards of reliability and quality, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, NBR-IEC 60601 and RDC ANVISA No. 16/2013 – Good Manufacturing Practices.



Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To define, plan and control the processes ensuring the conformity of our products and attendance of statutory and regulatory requirements;

To provide the necessary resources for the maintenance and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System;

To meet the internal and external issues and the strategic direction of the company, as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders.


Quality objectives

  1. To identify and analyze the needs of our customers and distributors seeking to increase their satisfaction;
  2. To maintain a close relationship to our employees, checking their expectations for performance improvement in their functions;
  3. To improve our processes in order to achieve a good proportion between cost and benefit and designing products that are competitive, safe and effective.