Beauty Face High Frequency Device HTM Tecnologia de Resultado

Record ANVISA 80212489003

• High frequency
• Intensity control on the pen applicator
• Portable equipment, greater convenience in applications
• Simple Operation

Description Beauty Face

Beauty Face High-frequency device


High-frequency device, completely portable with intensity control on the applicator pen itself. Features power supply with extender cable for greater mobility within the application. With simple operation, the Beauty Face is indicated in the facial, capillary and feet treatments.

Visualização 360°

Accessories Included

• DVD Instruction manual
• Spherical glass electrode
• Cauterizer glass electrode
• Necessaire HTM for packaging and transport


• Big glass round electrode
• Glass point massage electrode
• Small glass round electrode
• Glass Fork electrode for big area massage (body or neck)
• Glass hair growing comb electrode



Deep skin cleansing

1) Sanitize the skin with cleaning emulsion.

2) Perform the peeling, with equipment or cosmetics, to thin the horny layer and extract the superficial and open comedones.

3) Remove the comedones with the help of facial applicator of Beauty Dermo equipment.

4) Spraying on the skin a moisturizing tonic lotion to prevent the skin from drying up.

5) Apply the High Frequency across the face for a period of 5 to 8 minutes.

6) Apply a soothing or drying mask to diminish the effects of the procedure on the skin.

7) Perform massage with nutritive product across the face.

8) Finalize with sunscreen.

Capillary Therapy to prevent falls and dandruff

1) Apply the high frequency on the scalp with the hair growing comb electrode for approximately 5 minutes.

2) Divide the hair into sections and apply throughout scalp the Exfoliating with Mineral Particles.

3) Apply on the scalp the Hair Tonic Lotion to Prevent Falls, and the ozone steam may be applied with the lotion. Leave it to act for 15 minutes.

4) Perform the washing of hair after 15 minutes with Strengthening Shampoo

5) Finish with specific maneuvers on the scalp with Hair Tonic Lotion to Prevent Falls.

Frequent Questions

1. Can I use other types of electrodes in equipment?

Yes, it is possible to use the fork, small round, face/body massage roller, point massage electrodes among others, which must be purchased separately.

2. In what treatments can I use this product?

It can be used after extraction of comedones, after depilation, in hair and feet treatments.

3. May pregnant women apply or receive high frequency?

The use is contraindicated in pregnant women, but pregnant women who are manipulating the equipment only must not make the drumming technique, where she also had contact with the field formed by the High Frequency.

4. What is the equipment’s warranty?

3 months of legal guarantee and 15 months of HTM guarantee. A total of 18 months, counted from the emission of invoice.